The Tea Master (2009)

2009 | Drama | Short Film

Short Film The Tea Master - Sword Versus Wisdom

A samurai meets an elderly tea master on the road and sees he is carrying a sword from the Emperor. Taking great offence that this man would have such a weapon, the samurai challenges him to a duel the next morning. The tea master however has no skills with a sword but knows he must attend, but how will be survive?

Please enjoy “The Tea Master” and find out how this fragile old man deals with the challenge of the swordsman. If you are interested in more about this short film, you can find out about the cast and crew at Although this film centers around the Japanese arts, it could just as well be about the the Chinese arts. Worth a look for the solid telling of an old story on limited resources, but there is scope for more meaning, more atmosphere and better delivery. Aaron Au is known for his work on Watchmen (2009), Fantastic Four (2005) and 2012 (2009).

Directed by Aaron Au
Starring: Colin Foo, Byron Lawson, Paul Wu

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