The Gold Retrievers (2009)

2009 | Adventure | Comedy | Feature

Indiana Jones meets Goonies!

When a new shopping center threatens a small town's economy, a 12-year-old boy tries to save his family's home by hunting for lost treasure with his mischievous golden retriever.

Despite its many flaws and its predictability, this movie is harmless but goofy fun.

One interesting point for older viewers is the appearance of a couple of 'big' stars from the eighties. Billy Zane plays a parent of one of the kids and Steve Guttenberg is almost unrecognisable as one of the villians. These two villians, by the way, are the worst part of the movie. They are so dumb that if they existed in real life they would have to be institutionalized. Both actors playing the roles are so over the top in their portrayal that older viewers will be cringing in their seats. I guess this is the kind of movie you do when your career is on the downhill slope. Still, this type of movie has to have a villian and at least these two won't scare your younger offspring.

Director: James D.R. Hickox
Writer: Aaron Pope
Stars: Noah Centineo, Steve Guttenberg, Courtney Biggs, Billy Zane, Scott Vandiver

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