Shanghai Joe (1973)

1973 | Action | Western | Feature | Martial arts

A Chinese immigrant, recently arrived in America, fights to free Mexican slaves from their cruel master.

Shanghai Joe is a Chinese martial arts master who somehow finds himself in the racist Old West. This one is a real oddity, a martial arts western, with a small role for the ever evil Klaus Kinski as the bounty hunter set to go and kill our Hero Joe.

Joe arrives in San Francisco, and instead of meeting the people of the land of the free he meets the land of the racists, and his troubles only just start to begin. Joe is far to nice for his own good, polite and well-mannered, thats until he needs to defend his life and then his fists of fury unleash some retribution.

Directed by: Mario Caiano Starring: Chen Lee, Klaus Kinski, Carla Romanelli, Gordon Mitchell.

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