The Girlfriend Game (2015)

2015 | Thriller | Short Film

The Girlfriend Game (2015) - Stylish Erotic Neon Thriller

A young couple play a role-playing game at bars – with her letting herself get nearly picked up by another man, only for him to step in, have an instant connection with this "stranger" and head off for private session. This interplay works well, however some small tensions see the root of this game start to develop into something else. The Girlfriend Game (2015) - An erotic thriller about a twisted game a couple plays at bars.

Twisted game a couple plays at bars

This is well played out and I liked that the film ended with the point where the couple both sort of know this but at the same time are holding to their hurts a little too, so although we do not get to see where things go from here, I liked the point it chose to end, and the manner in which it did it. Another thing that the film does well is to look very slick and stylish. In particular the use of LA locations is very good – whether it be the bars, the busy curbsides, or the spacious houses with their large windows and cool pools; everything is typically neon with professional production values giving the place a real feel of a hot city at night. - bob the moo

The Girlfriend Game (2015) Cast and Crew:

Director: Armen Antranikian
Screenplay: Nick Antosca
Stars: Christopher Abbott, Spencer Treat Clark, Ryan Eggold

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