Harlequin (2013)

2013 | Thriller | Short Film

Harlequin thriller by up and coming director Tara Alexis

Harlequin thriller deals with Claudia Davis, a typical 20 something, an average girl working two menial jobs and has no social life to speak of. Feeling entitled to more than she truly deserves, she decides to take on a new persona and begin robbing convenience stores. That's where she meets Tom, a middle aged, fat, balding convenience store clerk. She robs him at gun point taking every sense of manhood he has left. This sends Tom on a downward spiral. He projects his own self hatred onto Claudia and becomes obsessed.

Movie Review:

The reason why I sat down and watched this is because I always like seeing relatively unknown or independent filmmakers or even ones just starting out. I always find it interesting seeing what they can do. I did stumble upon this by accident but when I found out what it was - knowing nothing about the next 15 minutes - I decided to take a look. The acting was surprisingly good, the directing was spot on and I do like how this movie looks. I will definitely be seeing more Tara Alexis work because if this is any indicator - there is some talent behind this.

Cast and Crew:

Directed By Tara Alexis A Visual Harassment Production Cinematography By King J. Greenspon Starring: Lea Vonn, Dane Haines and Jose Rosete Produced By Ari Robbins, Tara Alexis, Chris Roper Original Score By: Steve Benton Edited By: Tara Alexis, Scott C. Robert Visual Effects By: Scott C. Robert VisualHarassment.com

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