World War (2008)

2008 | Action | Science Fiction | Short Film

World War (2008) - Robot Destroying Hiroshima Once More!

The film takes place 100 years after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and it follows a robot who’s trying to bomb the city once again. But instead of dropping the bomb he runs into some trouble — and a bigger, more intense foe. In a race against time to avoid a new nuclear war a robot has to pit his skill against another even more terrifying if deviant robot.

World War is a 3D animation by Vincent Chai. Vincent did it for his degree project at University of Hertfordshire. It took around 9 months from pre-production til finish. World War won the Grand Prix for the best animation from the 2008 Animation Expose event from University of Herfordshire.

Vincent Chai is a 3D environment Artist currently working at The Creative Assembly, UK .

Directed by Vincent Chai

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