Way out of my league (2013)

2013 | Comedy | Drama | Short Film

Way out of my league (2013) - Young Geek's Love Adventure

This is a story of a young geek, who goes out of his ways to impress his "dream girl". Does he manage to get her? Watch and find out yourself! :) This is the official release of our third short "Way out of my league". Hopefully you guys will appreciate the six long months of hard work put onto this. SupportNepaleseTalent! P.S advice to you - watch it till the end to get the full story! Enjoy! :D

Know Your Dreams Entertainment website/group was originally just an idea created by 3 amigos which later came to be known as K.Y.D is fun, entertaining, educational, inspirational and all the other good stuffs. We will be welcoming all new crazy ideas and will be helping to create a platform for young talents which hasnt been recognised yet. As to start with we will be making youtube videos, blogs etc. so brace yourself for all-in-one channel, THE KYD CHANNEL.

Directed by Zac Rai. Starring: Sora Lou, Miruna Magar, Gawky

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