Watch Dogs (2014)

2014 | Action | Science Fiction | Short Film | Fan film

Watch Dogs (2014) - Fan film blends hacking, parkour and gunplay!

Watch Dogs (2014) - Aiden Pearce comes across a police confrontation with a criminal and takes the guy down using a mixture of hacking, parkour and good old-fashioned gunplay – but it’s an exciting and well-shot look at Watch Dogs‘ vision of vigilante justice. Aiden Pearce has hacked a system called CTOS (Central Operating System). When the government takes it too far Aiden Pearce swears vengeance on CTOS and all who control it. With his new gained power he can now find and kill all who control CTOS and end the system. The video is also available in 4K, but unless you have a powerful graphics card and a huge 4K monitor then you may as well just stick to Full HD.

Ubisoft have partnered with YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham to bring Watch Dogs to life in the form of this three minute live-action parkour film. The video is sleek and clean in terms of its cinematography and the movements of its featured athletes. Working with Devin this time are CBR traceurs Chris Romrell and Robert Bennett, and the one playing Aiden looks pretty legit in that outfit. The video complete with cool tech, parkour, and guns, pretty much has all the components necessary for a successful action game. Devin Graham also did Assassins Creed parkour videos! Costume was made by Allison Dredge, visual effects done by Jared Moench.

Directed by Devin Graham.

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