Vikingdom (2013)

2013 | Action | Adventure | Feature

A collision of myth, history and fiction!

A viking warrior fleeing the violence of his past must take up the sword and risk everything to face a god of incalculable power.

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The plot is well paced, some fun twists, lots of diversity in the "road movie" locations and everything a fantasy fan can ask for if he just relaxes and leaves the brain out the door for a couple of well spent hours. As for the racism or religious offenses claim some people must be joking. This is not exactly a great adaptation of Norse sagas but it manages to capture some of their best pulp-fiction plot points and it does not need to be an accurate study in mythology to work perfectly.

This ain't a Hollywood production...but the creators put effort into the story, the set, and the action. The fight/battle scenes were actually very well choreographed and never looked 'hokey'. You can actually see the swords cutting open wounds. And remember, this is Live Action...

Directed by Yusry Abd Halim.
With Dominic Purcell, Natassia Malthe, Craig Fairbrass, Jon Foo.

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