The Survivors (2018)

2018 | Action | Adventure | Drama | Science Fiction | Short Film

The World has changed after apocalypse!

The World has changed. There are now two types of lands in the United States. One is the civilized gated cities run by dictators, and the other is the lawless lands dominated by Marauders. John is a Teenager faced with an overbearing Father trying to teach him the ways of this lawless land. When he witnesses a brutal act of inhumanity, he must decide how to handle what he has seen. How he faces the test will determine the path he takes for the rest of his life.

A post apocalyptic film. familiar for theme. for music. for performances. the two different societies. a boy and his choices. and the survive as only duty. all is beautiful in this case. the performance of the young Bryce Michael Kelly, the landscapes, the cinematography, the options of John and the strange form to define himself. a film about small things defining humanity. correct , precise, touching. not extraordinary. but beautiful. and full of bitter poetry, reminding, as many films from the same genre, the old tales atmosphere and moral.

The Film stars Amber Rose Mason, Jax Menez Atwell, Travis Barchenger, Tianta Stevens and first time actor Bryce Michael Kelly.
Directed by Randy Kelly Jr.

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