The Occupant: prologue (2019)

2019 | Thriller | Science Fiction | Short Film

A plot thickens when Russian drone operator encounters a UFO!

In the world of THE OCCUPANT, the Russians have covertly mastered the ability to lure and capture out of this world UFO’s to a remote top secret base known as The Toy Box. But when a new target takes the bait, drone operator sergeant Galkina is quickly forced to decide what is real and what is not.

The tension defines this special short film. With the whole nuances , with inspired explore of an order and fight to discover its meaning. A young woman. A risky decision. The order of her superior. And the fact, the revelation, the ambiguous truth and the last scene. Well crafted, splendid game of apparences.

Directed by Hugo Keijzer
StarringHelen Baranova, Jameel Arsheed, Ivan Shvedoff,

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