The Masseuse (2018)

2018 | Science Fiction | Short Film

The Masseuse is a science fiction love story set in a futuristic Kuala Lumpur between a humanoid masseuse and her technician who has a disturbing past!

A friendship story. Real unconventional. The relation father - son and the dreams of the first for his boy and the refuse to be the clone of his old man of the second. A masseuse. A technician. And a story like a haiku. All is great in this case. From atmosphere to dialogues, to confessions, to the last decision and the answer to the basic question of the viewer. But the lead virtue remains the splendid grace. The grace of image and the grace of story and the grace of performance of Candy Ice and Koe Shern. You feel - you know the story. It is real familiar. But you feel that more than as comeback across the memories.

At a time where futuristic androids are exploding in popularity, Loong, an abused youth, repairs an old and obsolete android, TX-59. The pair quickly forms an uncanny chemistry―a result of their dejected and undesirable circumstances. As their close bond gradually transcends that of man and machine, Loong is increasingly tormented by his crippled father, a major android detractor. With his two most precious relationships at odds with one another, Loong is forced to make a decision―romance or responsibility?

What a sad tale this ended up being, and had wished he would break away from his fathers influence and tyranny..instead of destroying the only true friend he had, along with hurting others, which is never the answer. A dark tale indeed, but well acted.

20min | Short, Sci-Fi | 2018 (Malaysia)

Written and Directed by Ce Ding Tan Starring Koe Shern, Candy Ice

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