The Brain Hack (2015)

2015 | Thriller | Short Film

A metaphysical thriller for the digital generation!

A man sits in front of his laptop clearly agitated. He looks out the window and sees a spectral figure standing on the street corner looking up towards him. He goes back to his computer clearly terrified . He gasps " He's found me". He swears and panics and as the picture breaks up something enters his room.

It reminded me in some ways of Aronofsky's PI as Fallon and Harper discuss the possibilities of God existing . Of course there's very logical reasons for believing in God. In the foreword of his book The Blind Watchmaker Richard Dawkins easily explains it away by stating that whenever mankind became self aware he made things so it's logical that he jumped to the conclusion that someone also made the seas , sky and sun. Take also the ancient Indo-Aryans who through the seasons changing and the female menstrual cycle believed everything including human life itself was cyclical hence Hinduism the oldest established religion on Earth which has reincarnation as its fundamental belief. Unfortunately the discussion between Fallon and Harper becomes a bit confusing and then turns in to a lot of running about while at the same time giving more than a little nod to Cronenberg's VIDEODROME.

Directed by Joseph White.
With Edward Franklin, Alexander Owen.

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