Marked (2021)

2021 | Drama | Short Film

Tension builder revenge flick with amazing atmosphere!

The plot revolves around Sasha, a tattoo artist (played by Daniel Giacomini in his debut film), who is confronted with his past when a client (portrayed by none other than Eric Roberts!) deciphers the significance of each mark on Sasha's body.

Excellent showcase of Eric Roberts' acting prowess!

Despite its brevity, this film serves as an excellent showcase of Roberts' acting prowess. Remarkably, he churned out four more movies in the time it took to write that sentence. Undoubtedly, we will make every effort to watch each one. Berg's wise decision to cast Roberts raised the bar, transforming this short feature into a remarkable work that goes above and beyond what's typically seen.

Directed by Matthew Avery Berg. Starring Eric Roberts, Daniel Giacomini.

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