Space Truckers (1996)

1996 | Science Fiction | Feature

Dennis Hopper Stars in a Thrilling and Hilarious Sci-Fi Adventure That Will Leave You on the Edge of Your Seat!

Space Truckers is a thrilling and hilarious sci-fi adventure that takes you on an epic journey through the cosmos. Starring the legendary Dennis Hopper, this movie is a must-see for anyone who loves action-packed, laugh-out-loud sci-fi flicks.

The plot centers around a group of space truckers who are tasked with transporting a cargo of dangerous and highly volatile material across the galaxy. But when their ship is hijacked by a group of ruthless space pirates, the truckers find themselves in a fight for their lives as they race to deliver their cargo before it explodes.

Space Truckers Takes You on an Epic Adventure Through the Cosmos!

With stunning special effects and heart-pounding action sequences, Space Truckers is a visual feast for the eyes. But it's the humor and wit that really set this movie apart. Hopper delivers a standout performance as the grizzled veteran trucker who leads the ragtag group of misfits on their perilous journey.

Whether you're a die-hard sci-fi fan or just looking for a fun and exciting movie to watch with friends, Space Truckers is sure to deliver. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life!

Directed by: Stuart Gordon Starring: Tim Loane, Dennis Hopper, Stephen Dorff, Debi Mazar, Ian Beattie, Olwen Fouéré, Charles Dance

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