Running the Gammatar (2013)

2013 | Fantasy | Short Film


Running the Gammatar is a lovely story about a young couple trying to negotiate a relationship while their city is being terrorized by a giant fire-breathing monster. It’s like rom-com meets Japanese monster movie, except this monster is uglier than any version of Godzilla, and his name is Gammatar. Joe Kramer’s short film is a comedy about a group of self-centered 20-somethings trying to have the time of their life in a city under constant attack from a giant, Godzilla/Gojira look-a-like Japanese monster.

Running the Gammatar (2013) Review:

"Pure fun" - Ain’t It Cool News
“Wry, funny [and] perceptive” - Kuriositas
“[A] comedy in the best indie-style: fast dialogue, loud colors, and some hip indie pop-songs on the soundtrack.” - Die Zeit Online
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Cast and Crew:

Directed by Joe Kramer
Starring: Joe Kramer, Jessica Bernard, Richard Thomas Everill III

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