Miner's Mountain (2019)

2019 | Horror | Thriller | Short Film

Everything is amazing - the acting, the camera, the lighting, omg even the final credits!

A Sheriff comes under fire when two S.B.I. Agents question his involvement in an unsolved murder that shares distinct similarities with a recent homicide.

It is more than a real good short horror. The cinematography, the acting, the music are just great. The story is a fine , precise embroidery about guilt, family, memories, death and unknown. Short, a smart crafted film.

The creatures resemble wendigo, not exactly in appearance, but in origins and abilities, the miners were closed off in the mountain, so if they were trapped instead of crushed then the miners may have resorted to cannibalism, which would have made the wendigo.

Written, Produced and Directed by Bennett Pellington Starring: Henry Bazemore Jr., Anthony Reynolds, Myke Holmes, Julie Ivey

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