Interpretation (2008)

2008 | Drama | Thriller | Short Film

Short film Interpretation - Smart, Dramatic and Tense Movie

A romantic couple's brief encounter with a few philosophical thugs unfolds in an unusual way. After this night, no one will be the same. Everyone will learn something new.!

A great use of all the talent involved. Smart, witty, funny w/ an awesome ending I didn't expect. You see these kinds of films a lot, and most are handled very poorly. This felt like a scene out of a big budget Hollywood film. I hope these guys continue to do what they do. This is a simple little film which does a good job of setting up a dramatic and tense situation and then paying it off really well. The couple are pretty nice and you will like them while at the same time the criminal group do well to have banter between them but also have a lot of menace so we are pretty sure what is going to happen. A nice short film from Oeding, not a complex story but a nice setup and an even nicer delivery.

Directed by Lin Oeding
Starring: Ian Bohen, Cindy Chiu, Jay Giannone, Jeremy Luke.

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