Extraterrestrial (2014)

2014 | Science Fiction | Feature

Really fun adventure sci-fi horror like in late 80's!

Extraterrestrial is a sci-fi flick that depicts a group of young folks who take to a cabin in the woods for a small holiday as a mysterious fire ball streaks across the night skies and crashes. Very intense and contains a lot of breath taking and jaw dropping moments. Another reason i liked it was because it ended greatly. The ending to this film is very different to other films. It did not leave you saying "what the heck". On a minuscule budget, The Vicious Brothers truly have come through with a frightening and atmospheric sci-fi horror movie. Once the aliens start popping up, there is a true feeling of paranoia and desperation in that log cabin as everyone tries to survive the night.

Excellent performances from all of the young leads and a truly daring ending make this a must see. Technical quality and cinematography were respectable, this seems much easier to get right with today's digital filming technology than a decade ago. There is a bit of a B movie atmosphere later on, but at least it wasn't like I was watching a video game - something that happens all too often with major productions these days.

Directed by Colin Minihan Starring Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Jesse Moss

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