Born of Hope (2009)

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Born of Hope (2009) - Amazing Lord of The Rings Fan Film!

Born of Hope (2009) - Set prior to the War of the Ring, this movie portrays the untold story of Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, and their people the Dúnedain in a turbulent time of their history. Their romance buds in the midst of Sauron’s encroaching rise to power.

Born of Hope (2009) is a homemade prequel to Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. There are many little details and moments that Tolkien fans will love. It's so nice to see that attention to the detail of Middle-earth's history. They did an excellent job of scouting locations, especially for Taurdal. Costume designs were sent from the Netherlands. It is brilliant for the small budget that was available to the filmmakers, and it dovetails quite nicely with the Jackson movies. The idea for the film was born in 2003 when director/producer/actor Kate Madison wanted to submit a film for the Tolkien Fan Film Exhibition. Born of Hope was made with a budget of only $39 000 and has won the 2010 London Independent Film Festival in the category "Best Micro-Budget Feature". It was shot in Epping Forest, Essex, and West Stow, Suffolk in United Kingdom.

Directed by Kate Madison.
Starring: Christopher Dane (Arathorn) and Kate Madison (Elgarain)

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